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Lynn was born a natural organizer and has been organizing herself and others since she was a child.  As a kid, she loved pulling the family board games out of the closet, putting all the pieces back into the correct boxes, and then putting the games back in size order.  Her family will tell you that she still loves to clean out a closet or rearrange the pantry with little to no warning.

A wife and mother to two boys, Lynn understands the complexity of day to day life and the need for organization.  She is also a Licensed Educational Psychologist and School Psychologist, which has provided her with a wealth of training and experience in listening skills and learning styles.  She started West Coast Organizing in 2015 after a good friend recognized her talent of helping others declutter and get organized, and encouraged her to become a professional organizer.

Lynn particularly enjoys working with clients who are ready to clear out the clutter and create their ideal living spaces but are overwhelmed with the idea of getting started.  She approaches each client situation with fresh eyes and an unbiased perspective.  She listens to the client’s needs, then works efficiently to create the environment clients have always wanted.